Lola Jenkins has brought a unique vision through her incredible art quilts. Her quilts display the joy and freedom of pursuing her passion. The mystique of this African-American woman is that she is just started sewing in 2004. Without any background in sewing, art, perspective, or drawing, she developed her passion. Through her courage and fearless approach in creating art quilts she has evolved to master-quilter status. Lola states, “I don’t know the rules, so I couldn’t break the rules of quilting.
Her first showing was at the Central Oklahoma Quilt Guild show in June, 2007. She won 2nd Place for an art quilt of Ray Charles, and three Honorable Mentions. She has since entered several juries contests across the Us and has won numerous awards such as best use of color, judges choice, best of show, and presidents challenge just to name a few. She has also been the featured artist at the Oklahoma State Guild, Arkansas State Guild and Retreat, Muskogee Quilt Show, Tulsa Quilt Show, Hutchinson Kansas Quilt Show, and The Oklahoma Cheese Festival, Atlanta Georgia Quilt Guild and Lexington Kentucky Quilters Day out, Wisconsin Quilt Show.

Lola Jenkins has been in featured in The Quilt Life Magazine, Alex Anderson’s and Ricky Tim’s , “The Quilt Show,” and numerous magazines and radio spots in the U.S. She has recently tapped two episodes with Nancy Zimmerman for the Sewing with Nancy one aired in 2014 and 2015r. Her art quilts has appeared on the cover of magazines, used as invitation cards for organizations, and has been displayed in various venues. Lola has also displayed her quilts at the Lawrence Arts Center, taught at the One National African American Convention and Spencer Museum in Lawrence Kansas in 2017.
Lola currently gives portrait collage, fantasy collage, silhouette, and thread art workshops. In July of 2012, Lola started teaching a class on line with Craftsy.com called Thread Art. She is now reaching the masses. She does programs, trunk shows, workshops, and classes for guilds, cruise ships, retreats, and organizations across the U.S. and aboard. She presents a hilariously funny informative and unforgettable program and trunk show that could be turned into a movie. Her classes are taught with skill… unique… fun and worth their weight in gold.

Recently Lola has been a well sought out instructor and speaker. She currently will be teaching workshops in 2019 for the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky, Dragon Fly Quilt retreat in Wisconsin, featured teacher and speaker for Gulf States Quilting Association in New Orleans, speaker for Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska, and the featured teacher at the National African American Convention in Kansas to name a few. Lola shows her works at a variety of venues and books 1-2 years in advance.