Hank D. Herring was born in Rose Hill, North Carolina and currently resides in Beaufort, SC where he is the proud owner of the Green Herring Art and Framing Studio. Hank learned about art at an early age from watching and being instructed by artistic family members; who inspired Hank to pursue his artistic development by taking art courses in school. Inspired by his father’s career, as a machinist, Hank studied and completed a machinist apprenticeship program during high school; as a result earning the Tool and Die Makers Association Award from Union County, New Jersey school district at graduation. He also won numerous science fair awards by using wood and metal as his medium. After graduating from high school, Hank enlisted in the Marine Corps, and served for 20 years; his field of work as a machinist would allow him to take his art to new heights. His work allowed him to learn many creative ways to manipulate metals, plastic, glass and composite materials into pieces of art. He learned art skills from artisans and craftsmen in every place he was stationed or visited. During his time in the military, Hank was able to make a correlation between found objects or “rescued materials” and life Lessons. In Hank’s words “Using rescued materials in my work reminds me that the future can be built by using the past, whether it’s from advice or physical objects”. Also, “using rescued materials illustrates that beauty can be found in anything; however, it does require the right attitude, a desire, and a healthy imagination”. “I believe art should stir your soul and ignite your imagination.”