Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of the National African American Quilt Convention! Here, you’ll find essential information to help you plan your visit, including details about travel, accommodations, event schedules, and workshop descriptions.

Whether you’re a returning attendee or joining us for the first time, this section aims to provide answers to common questions. We wish you a smooth and enjoyable experience at the convention as we honor our ancestors together!

"I'm coming from out of town. How do I get there?"

If you’re traveling to attend the National African American Quilt Convention in Lawrence, KS, here are some key details:

Airports: The closest major airport is Kansas City International Airport (MCI), located approximately 50 miles northeast of Lawrence. It offers a range of domestic and international flights.

Driving directions: Lawrence is conveniently situated along Interstate 70, which provides easy highway access from both the east and west. Additionally, it’s near U.S. Route 59 and U.S. Route 40 for those coming from other directions.

Local Transportation: Once in Lawrence, there are local transportation options such as buses and taxis for easier navigation around the city.

"Where should I stay?"

For lodging during the National African American Quilt Convention, attendees have two primary options:

  1. University of Kansas Dorms: Located in Lawrence, KS, these offer shared rooms with twin beds for $65 per night. You can choose to stay between 1 to 5 nights.

  2. Hampton Inn: Located in Lawrence, this hotel offers special rates for convention attendees: $109 per night on weekdays and $159 per night on weekends. You can book online or by calling the hotel directly.

Both options provide convenient and affordable accommodations close to the convention events. For more details and booking, visit the NAAQC lodging page.

"Should I rent a car?"

Whether or not to rent a car for your visit to the National African American Quilt Convention depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Local transportation options in Lawrence, including buses and Uber, can be convenient for getting around. If you plan to explore beyond the immediate area of the downtown Lawrence, a rental car might offer more flexibility.

If you decide to rent a car, there are several rental services available at the Kansas City International Airport as well as in the city of Lawrence.

"What events are included with my registration?"

Convention registration for $250 includes admission to all art exhibitions as well as the following evening events:

  • June 19:

    • 9 AM – 1 PM: Registration & Welcome
    • 2 PM – 6 PM: Opening Reception and research panel discussion at the Black Archives of Mid-America in Kansas City, focusing on the historical significance of quilts in African American culture.
  • June 20:

    • 9 AM – 3 PM: Workshops
    • 6:30 PM: “Have You Heard the Call of the Ancestors?” – A history talk and interactive session at Watkins Museum of History.
  • June 21:

    • 9 AM – 3 PM: Workshops
    • 6:30 PM: Presentation of an 1800s quilt and book signing with Marla A. Jackson at Spencer Museum of Art.
  • June 22:

    • 9 AM – 3 PM: Workshops
    • 4 PM – 7 PM: Closing Reception featuring an intergenerational healing ceremony.
"What are the workshop options?"

If you purchase Convention Admission PLUS Workshops, you receive admission to two workshops of your choice.

Here is the workshop schedule for the National African American Quilt Convention, organized by day and time, with workshops listed alphabetically by name:

Thursday, June 20, 9 AM – 3 PM

  • Double Stitch Session #1 – Theresa Polley-Shellcroft: Explore the Kawandi method of hand stitching to create unique art pieces.
  • Mermaid at Sea – Renée Fleuranges-Valdes: Create a fabric-based underwater scene featuring a mermaid.
  • Portrait Collage – Marla A. Jackson: Learn textile collage techniques to create quilt-like portraits.
  • Quilted Sweatshirt Cardigan – Toya Thomas: Transform a sweatshirt into a quilted cardigan.
  • Silhouette of a Woman Portrait – Jadi Davis: Craft a needle felted portrait using a continuous strand weaving method.

Friday, June 21, 9 AM – 3 PM

  • Easy applique class: “She’s Just Coolin'” – Veronica Mays: Create a mini quilt top with easy fusible applique techniques.
  • Fast Piecing – Quilt Project (Session 1) – Deneen Marshall-Mike: Use pre-cut fabric strips to construct unique quilt tops.
  • Painting with Wool – Jadi Davis: Combine various fiber techniques to create a multidimensional framed portrait.
  • Pathways – Renée Fleuranges-Valdes: Construct a quilt top representing life’s journey without sewing.
  • Blue Prints/Indigo – Sunya W. Folayan: Dive into the world of indigo dye and learn resist dyeing techniques on natural fibers.

Saturday, June 22, 9 AM – 3 PM

  • African Tie Dye – Marla A. Jackson: Employ traditional African dye methods to create vibrant tie-dye on T-shirts.
  • Double Stitch Session #2 – Theresa Polley-Shellcroft: Continue exploring the Kawandi method with different materials.
  • Fast Piecing – Quilt Project (Session 2) – Deneen Marshall-Mike: Further develop fast piecing skills for various quilt projects.
  • History of Adinkra Symbols – Hank D. Herring: Discover the historical and cultural significance of Adinkra symbols.
  • Postcard Quilt Class – Veronica Mays: Design and create quilted postcards.
  • Warrior Woman! – Renée Fleuranges-Valdes: Craft a fused fabric representation of a fierce warrior woman.


For more details on these workshops, please visit the NAAQC workshops page.

For further inquiries or detailed information, please send us a message.

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